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April 22 11:00 h (April 22 16:00 GMT)

In the last 24 hours the monitoring system of Popocatepetl volcano has recorded 58 low-intensity exhalations accompanied by emissions of steam, gas and ash.

During yesterday afternoon cloud conditions allowed us to observe the crater continuously with emissions of steam and gas to west direction and light amounts of ash, the most important was presented at 20:19 h with more than 1 km height (see image 1), (see image 2), (see image 3), (see image 4), (see image 5) and incandescence was observed at night on the crater emitting steam and gas in a southeasterly direction (see image 6), (see image 7).

From today morning until the time of this report the volcano has been observed with continuous emissions steam and gas to the east and most important was presented at 07:54 h with slight amounts of ash (see image 8).

The current activity may cause the following scenarios:

-Small explosions releasing incandescent fragments no more than 4 kilometers from the crater.

-Emissions of ash plumes that could reach some communities into the path of the prevailing winds.

Current activity is contemplated within the scenarios provided for the volcanic traffic light Yellow Phase 2 level. It does not require modification in the traffic light alert.

Recommendations for ashfall are reiterated:

-Use masks when you work outdoors.

-Cover water reservoirs.

-Avoid the ash-fall in the animal feed.

-Avoid the ash accumulating on roofs.

-Avoid the ash go to drainage.

The Volcanic Traffic Light is at Yellow Phase 2.


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